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How To Fix Unfortunately Snapchat Has Stopped Issue? [Solved]

February 24, 2018
snapchat issue fix, snapchat unfortunately stopped working

Hey guys, I am recently facing a problem which is prevailing continuously. It is a common problem which anyone of us can face; I am facing a problem and my phone is showing, ” unfortunately Snapchat has stopped ” again and again, which means Snapchat is crashing on my iPhone. I restarted the phone several times and found the problem to prevail.

snapchat issue fix, snapchat unfortunately stopped working

I recently have searched and have found many reasons which could cause the Snapchat to force close suddenly. Some of them are

Learn To Fix Unfortunately Snapchat Has Stopped Problem?

  •    Low RAM

Snapchat is a big app which demands a lot of RAM on the phone. This may cause other services of the phone to stop but if you are running other apps simultaneously at the same time then there are chances that your Snapchat may face a snap and gets forced-close.  Thus, you need to know the RAM condition of your phone and has to manage the apps accordingly. If your phone has low RAM then you should avoid using the other apps at the same time.

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  •    Low ROM

Again the phone conditions and its features play a major role in the proper working of Snapchat. Thus, (ROM of the phone) Read-only memory of the phone, provided to store installed-specific apps, works compatibly on the phone if the app installed is in not exceeding the limits of the ROM. It is a permanent memory of the phone and cannot be rewritten; if the same is low then there are chances that phone may not support the app and may crash Snapchat application as there are other apps also which must run correctly.

  • Reinstall the App  

If your app, despite clearing the cache files, is not working properly then try once again after re-installing the app. It will delete the data which you have fed in and will allow you to write it again; thus, will store it accordingly.

  • Clear Cache Files

A system can generate its own cache files; this is just to store the information of the functions performed on the app, i.e. whatever the user does on the app gets stored in the temporary memory of the system of the Snapchat. there are chances that this may also cause your app to get force stopped. so, the simple solution to this very problem is that go to the app storage file and clear the cache memory of the app.

  • Out-dated system

Keep updating your phone’s system as there are chances that your phone is working with that version of the software which may not be able to run the present available Snapchat. For example, if your phone is using an Android version of 3.0 then it may not be possible for your phone to run the latest version of Snapchat.

Mentioned here are five ways to solve the problem which a social-media lover can face. Now, for those who have just skipped the article, I must say that the article is really good and you must go through the article once. For those, who has read the whole article, I welcome to the new world of “unfortunately-forced-closed” free world. You should try it with other app too which gives such problems in your phone.

I’d hope you liked our article on How to Fix Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped issue. If you still couldn’t figure it out or fix this problem then please feel free to contact us directly and we’d happy to help you resolve this error. You can also leave a comment below stating exactly what Snapchat crashing error you’ve been getting on your phone and we will look forward to solving the problem for you.