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How To Flush DNS Cache in Windows 10?

March 9, 2018

I’ve been facing DNS problems in my Google Chrome browser since a week. I studied about it and learned how to flush DNS Cache in Windows 10 operating system. If you’re facing a similar problem, then don’t worry, I’ve found a solution for it.

There are a lot of things which programmers have constructed to solve our problems. Computers have made it easy for us to solve many problems. They proved to be the best friends during leisure time and the best assistant during work-time. They are the best employer without any high salary. Their efficiency is what everyone praises them for. But still, despite their utilities and usage; despite their you the and accuracy there are some problems which could be faced by any user.

Today I was surfing, on Google, a website; which continually gives the same result on being searched. The dialogue box which appears on the desktop was declaring the unavailability of the webpage and the content on it reads like, “webpage not found”.

I tried it several times. Finally, on being failed several times, asked a friend to help me out of the situation. He with ease just searched the Google for the same website and with the same keyword, and found the site and browsed it with ease. I was just amazed and surprised about the incident that had happened a few hours ago?

I searched the Google again for the problems my laptop could have. It showed and introduced me to a new problem. I searched on Google and worked a lot hard to examine the solution to the problem. The problem which I was facing was; the DNS cache files. I observed that was working, but the Google was not. I am telling you it was terrifying

The computer generates it by itself. Suppose I am surfing a website then the computer will automatically generate some cache files; this is programmed as such to ease our usage of the computer but it can be observed that it is creating some problem. DNS stands for Domain Name System. This system is introduced to maintain an index of all public websites and their corresponding IP address.

After a long study of this problem, I understood that it is necessary and is good for the computer to generate a DNS cache file. But, what to do if the problem comes back?

We can reset the DNS cache files. But, this does not make any complete sense; how to flush DNS? This is a very important part and can the with very ease.  What you have to do is just to check the DNS present condition and has to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Flush DNS Cache For Windows 10?

So let’s discuss how to clear DNS cache

  • Hold down the Windows key and press “R” to bring up the Run dialog box.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns then press “Enter”.
    flush dns, flush dns cache
  • A command box will flash on the screen for a split second, and the DNS Resolver cache is cleared.

Guys, if you are skipping this article then I am telling you, you must go through this article as this is information provides you the solution to many problems. This may even increase your pace of working on the internet. I have experienced a lot of problem with this problem’s solution.

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DNS is like the coin which has two faces: one positive and another one negative. It is very useful as it provides shortcuts for the computer to access the websites browsed in the past. The is a very useful application of the DNS, but the same creates a lot of problem for the user as it does for me.

The solution is also mentioned in the above article. You can go through them and can try it with a lot of ease.

There are chances that you may not judge the problem of DNS cache file. If you constantly getting the same message over and over again by your browser that, “website not found”; then make sure and check your internet connection, if no fault is there in the connection then try serving the same website on different search engine. If the other search engine searches you the right website then you are facing the same problem as I was facing today.

Final Words

If you liked our tutorial on how to flush DNS cache for windows 10 then please share this article with your friends which might be facing a similar problem with their system. Also, if you have any doubts or problems regarding computer then please feel free to leave a comment below, we’re happy to help.