How to Remove Shortcut Virus From PC / Pen drive / Laptop

Humans are continuously threatened by virus invasions either on themselves or their laptops. In case of laptops and PCs, they are often referred to as vital information resources under siege. You need to remove shortcut virus from your system before it spreads.

Their replicating nature threatens laptops and pen drives that witness these viruses. Shortcut virus also belongs to the family of viruses that invade all resources and data from your computer. 

These viruses are a severe cause vulnerability to monitors when exposed to them. So let us see how to remove the shortcut viruses from your laptops, PCs and pen drives through shortcut virus remover software.

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The shortcut virus in your laptop encrypts your files and folders and also names them as shortcuts that look exactly identical to each other. 

remove shortcut virus

In case, if you accidentally meet by clicking one these alternatives, the virus aggravates the malware that keeps invading more of your data. 

These viruses also tend to affect all your peripheral data transfer devices like SD card, hard drives and other memory storage devices. The virus also remains smart by making itself invisible to your virus scans; this makes them even more dangerous. But, luckily there are simple ways to get rid of them.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus from PC/Laptop/Pendrive?

So let us see about shortcut virus removers in detail.

The first simple way to get rid of these viruses is by making use of your command prompt or CMD. The steps are as follows:

1, open your task manager to find your process tab.

2, then locate the processes with extension (.exe) or (.vbs)

3, as soon as you find these processes right click on them, where you can tap end task and then close the task manager.

4, when you are done closing the taskbar launch the registry editor from the start menu.

5, navigate to the following in the left sidebar.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/Current version/Run

6, on the right side panel you will be able to find key names like odwcamszas, wxcky, ouzzckky these are nothing but keys related to shortcut viruses.

7, right click on them to delete them from your system and then reboot your system to save changes.

This method is user-friendly and straightforward, on the other hand, it can also lead to severe issues in case of improper use of commands. 

Apart from this, there are shortcut virus remover tools and software to help you out.

Remove Shortcut Virus using Shortcut Virus Remover Software

Shortcut virus remover software

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Virus remover software is used to throw viruses out of your computer. They are also known as antivirus software as they act against the virus present in your peripheral data transfer devices. 

Shortcut virus remover software is employed to remove these shortcut viruses from your computer. Here is how you proceed further to throw them out.

All you have to do is to download the shortcut virus remover software and extract it using a file decomposer. Then you have to run it on your flash drive. 

The software begins scanning, as soon as you select the drives from where the viruses have to be removed. After that, you will be witnessing a list of shortcut viruses present in each drive. 

Don’t stop with that, go ahead to tap the delete button and watch the shortcut viruses vanishing off your computer.

The first step to prevent shortcut virus is to make sure that the external devices you insert into the computer like pen drive and SD card are also free from the invasion of the virus. 

The shortcut virus spreads quickly on your computers when subjected to the virus infected devices. Similarly, the shortcut virus ruins the external devices when they are connected to the virus infected systems. 

Shortcut virus spreads in both ways, so it is better to install antivirus software in computers to prevent the device from any similar virus attack.
Antivirus software is a subject of preventing an invasion of the virus. Nowadays they are also used in Android devices. Don’t forget to tap the scan button once in a while to ensure your device’s safety against the virus.

Final Words

I hope you liked our article on how to remove shortcut virus from PC/Laptop using shortcut virus remover software. We hope that you succeeded in removing the virus from your system completely. In case if you’ve any questions or queries regarding anything, please feel free to leave a comment below or you also, contact us directly.

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