One-day trip to Xunliao Bay in Huizhou by outstanding employees of Guangmai

on this sunny weekend morning, the Guangmai family came to Xunliao Bay, Huizhou and started a day of leisure trip.
The family members of Tianhou Palace – Guangmai all opened the copy of the camera master and took a series of quiet and peaceful photos.

At around 11 o’clock, we went to the farm to arrange a self-service picnic. This is the time for the chefs to show their prowess. Everyone gathered and chopped firewood, picked and washed vegetables, made fires and cooked together. As the saying goes: men and women can work together without getting tired. ↙! !

A delicious meal is served in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Only meals cooked by yourself are the most delicious! !

After eating, we went to the beach and felt the surging waves. In our ears was the gentle whisper of the sea breeze. It was so quiet at the moment that it seemed as if even my own voice was swallowed up. Most people took this opportunity to ride yachts and jet skis. The salty sea breeze whizzed by, and the invisible water vapor hit their faces like a natural facial spa.

In the evening, there is nothing more beautiful than feeling the sunset. Compared with the liveliness of sunrise, sunset is a bit quiet, changing from the scorching sun to the stars, and from the noisy to the quiet. Looking at the crowd from a bird’s eye view, looking at the pale Milky Way from a distance, the orange light scatters lazily on the body, like a pair of extremely soft hands brushing over, everything is so peaceful and peaceful.

When we were tired from playing, we all sat together to barbecue, drink wine, and chat. It was a great enjoyment.

Of course, there are also cute little faces on this trip, all with youthful smiles on their faces!

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